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Joseph Campbell

—The hero within us

Discover the hero within. Embark upon your journey inside your self. Come back a better member of society

Joseph Campbell

—The hero of the thousand faces

How is the hero a central part of our modern existence? Are you a hero? How can knowing myself a hero help me understand myself?

Maddy George

—Indigenous law and music

Discussion about indigenous law in the US, neocolonialism in the Americas and great music by A Tribe Called Red.


—Juan Rulfo

Juan Rulfo.

Ivan E. Aguirre D

—Milan Kundera

It was Milan Kundera’s birthday this week. Tune in for some more of his work and some Leos Janacek.



Do you know about the film “Brazil” directed by Terry Gilliam? Have you thought it could be seen from a marxist perspective? Tune in to know more.

Ivan and Nick Tamarkin

—New year, new books

Book recommendations, science fiction, China Miéville and more.


—San Patricio

Do you know about the San Patricio’s?

We are the San Patricios
A brave and gallant band,
There’ll be no white flag flying,
Within this green command;
We are the San Patricios,
We have but one demand,
To see the Yankees safely home,
Across the Rio Grande.

Ivan and Sara Potter

—Counterculture in México

Mexican counterculture, Avándaro, interview with Sara Potter

Ivan and Nick Tamarkin

—Theatre in the XX century, part 2

Conversation with Nick Tamarkin about theatre in the XX century. Transnational journeys and explorations of the genre.